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About Us




One Love Transportation is ran by married couple DJ & Shannon. 

Dj is from Panama City, Panama and before moving to Naples Fl in 2014 lived in Colorado. In Colorado DJ spent 10 years being a Professional Driver where he was able to interact with the community. A passion that DJ acquired at a young age  has now grown into a professional business, and has allowed  him to own and operate his own radio station. 

Dj's wife Shannon is from Colorado and has a diverse background in the Medical Field,  Management, Accounting, and Professional Driving. Shannon from a young age has always had a passion to serve people, and through her Ministry visits Hospital's, Nursing Home's, Prison's, helps the elderly in the community, works  with kids of all ages, has spoken in conferences, and is currently writing. 

Being in a fast paced environments has equipped both of them to remain calm in unexpected circumstances, which allows Clients to have faith in their abilities to navigate them safely to destination of choice. 

DJ and Shannon are looking forward to doing business with you.  To  the Clients who continue to refer us, we cannot say "THANK YOU" enough! Our growth and foundation comes from all your love and support, which is greatly appreciated!

"One Love"


 Dj and Shannon  moved to the Naples area Oct 2014. The name One Love Transportation may have been given by their daughter “who is a BIG Marley fan”, but the thought of them owning their business came from Naples very own Ms. Norene. While  assisting Ms. Norene on a few occasions she says to Shannon, “ Why don’t you open your own Transportation Company?”  Needless to say it ALL  worked out and MS. Norene has been an important part of their growth. The best part of their relationship is when Ms. Norene  tells Shannon “You're not just my driver, your my friend!” 


Guarantee to our Clients


  • Arrive to destination safe (Although we cannot control what happens around us, we can guarantee to remain alert, and stay calm in any circumstances)
  • Arrive on time (Weather, Traffic, Accidents, Natural Disasters permitting)
  • Smoke Free Vehicles
  • Vehicle inspected,  Well kept, and up to date  maintenance  
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Professional Dress or Casual Dress depending on occasion (Clean and Tidy)
  • Reliable 
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Courteous and Respectful